Recently it became known that the singer and leader of the Rammstein band Till Lindemann had no romance. The famous German performer has nothing to do with the heiress of Loboda.

So, in a recent interview, Svetlana revealed the real name of her youngest daughter.

“Matilda is small, she is four years old,” the singer said.

Previously, everyone believed that the youngest daughter of Loboda was called Tilda, as Svetlana herself affectionately called her. Loboda shared other details, saying, in particular, that the girl cannot get used to frequent moves. She constantly asks her mother why they change their place of residence.

“I tell her that we are traveling the world, seeing different places, that I want her to meet different kids. And it calms her down, ”the performer admitted.

Recall that until recently Loboda was considered one of the highest paid stars in the Russian Federation, however, now she is denied entry into the country until 2072. And she herself, in an interview with Georgian media, said that she could not imagine her return to Moscow.

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