Suppliers spoke about reduced imports of French wine to Russia

Supplies of young wine from France V Russia decreased by 40 percent. This was reported on Sunday, November 19, with reference to industry representatives. RIA News.

According to suppliers, the reduction in imports is due to increased import duties for unfriendly countries. Importers are trying to get out of the situation by launching their own production in Russia. This year, only 11 thousand bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau from the house of Trenel were brought into the country.

Due to increased duties, the cost of logistics has increased. In this regard, the final cost of wine for the buyer has become unattractive.

In September, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia (AVVR) Dmitry Kiselev reported that the share of Russian wine in the domestic market increased to about 60 percent. He also admitted that the authorities could ban the supply of wines from unfriendly countries to the country.

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