Sla blkovin

Proteins are essential for building our bones. With increasing age, it is then important to help the muscles and keep them strong. Muscle mass begins to wane, according to nutritional specialist Rob Hobson.

women can expect a mass of muscle mass during menopause. At a later age, muscle mass helps maintain balance and service. This makes it possible to prevent soil and fractures, which can even be life-threatening.

Quality sources of pulp include milk, fish, eggs, mill products, seeds, lutes, soy or cereals. You should plant a large amount of plant sources, such as seeds or lutes, in the diet, especially if you avoid meat and you are a vegan or vegetarian.

Nutrient proteins contain a wide range of amino acids, including the essential ones, which our body is unable to produce on its own, Hobson explains. However, we can obtain a relatively large volume of them from plant proteins.

Advice: Make sure that quality flakes are included in each of your main foods, ie food, lunch and dinner.