Super Mario Bros: the movie updates its website, is the second installment coming?

The furor that the tape ‘Super Mario Bros: the movie’ has generated three months after its official launch, continues to give much to talk about on social networks. And now, fans have noticed an update on their official website. Is the second installment coming?

In the last few hours, fans of Mario Bros. and the Nintendo company have noticed that the website of the Italian-American plumber movie has been officially updated.

Doubts and questions have arisen, but the one that is most commented on is whether it is the possible announcement of the second installment of the new saga. However, the real reason for this update has to do with something else.

This is a video that takes fans on a tour of this new website, showing them new Easter Eggs and the links to buy them in physical format, something quite attractive for fans who collect this type of object.

The rumors about what Nintendo is preparing for the second installment of ‘ Super Mario Bros: the movie’, are considerably numerous. However, it has been confirmed that the company is preparing at least two new plumber tapes, which will not be arriving during the year.

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