Summer residents have been named a method of combating snow thieves

Russian summer residents who dump snow from someone else’s property onto their own may receive a fine. Lawyer Sergei Kolomiytsev found justice for such kidnappers, his words are quoted by the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”

The theft of snow itself will not result in a monetary penalty, because snow is not private property, the specialist explained. However, by stealing it, the neighbor enters someone else’s property without the owner’s knowledge. You can deal with such neighbors by contacting the police with a complaint about illegal entry. According to Article 7.17 of the Code of Administrative Violations RFthe amount of the fine may increase if, during entry, a neighbor caused damage to someone else’s property – for example, he broke a fence or trees.

Earlier experts called the main reasons why dacha neighbors inform on each other. The most common complaints are about bonfires, noisy parties and erected fences. In the event of a conflict, neighbors can contact the chairman of the gardening partnership, the local administration, the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the police.

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