In general, prices have increased for air travel.

According to statistics service, the average check for holidays in Turkey increased from 104 thousand rubles. up to 157 thousand rubles. In Russia – from 51 thousand to 72 thousand rubles.

The cheapest way is to go for three nights from Moscow to St. Petersburg. For one adult with an overnight stay in a hostel without food, such a change of scenery will cost about 9 thousand rubles.

More than half of Russians are planning a summer holiday within the country this year. In second place are Turkish resorts, in third place is Abkhazia. Rounding out the top five are Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Last year’s top 5 holiday destinations looked like this: Turkey, Russia, Cyprus, Egypt and Abkhazia.

While ordinary Russians prefer to save on vacation, wealthy compatriots are in no hurry to limit their spending. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”the demand for high-budget tours (from a million rubles) is only growing.

Photo: Katvic / Shutterstock, FOTOGRIN / Shutterstock