Since his tour Mexico in 2014, Suga He demonstrated the beauty of Mexican culture with several events since his arrival, as well as the members, with innumerable visits to historical places and learning beyond their cultures and customs.

Between the route of those trips, one of the members that I really enjoyed was Jiminbecause he was impressed with the pyramids of Teotihuacanwhich is undoubtedly an architectural heritage of the place, and during the trip he described in his personal blog how happy he felt, and they even lived a special moment among all with the taste of a Mexican candy.

Since during a food stall, the members tried various dishes such as churros, tacos, traditional sweets and burritos, in which they named number one on their palate, but throughout eating, Suga could not contain the desire to get excited for so rich flavor and express it.

The rapper, when trying a typical sweet that is well known, called cotton candy, made from puffed sugar and with different colors, completely fell in love with him, describing that when he tried it immediately, he felt pressure on his tongue, in a very funny way for the members and was recorded as a special moment during their trip.

Although Korea They do not usually eat Mexican food, they are not used to very sweet and spicy flavors, for them this very special dish or dessert can only be eaten in a specific place of Mexican food, understanding that only they produce and create its flavor.

Below is the video of Suga eating the cotton candy: