Recently, the singer sugaKPop band member, bts He referred to his bandmates and talked about everyone’s competitiveness in their recent individual solo works, and his response certainly shocked his fans.

The artist granted a new interview to the medium LA Timeswhere he referred to many things that are currently happening in his life, his solo career and the relationship with his six bandmates were his main themes.

And it is that recently each of the BTS singers has tried to work on their projects individually because two of its members are doing their mandatory military service, Jin and jhopefor which they have had to experience an almost mandatory temporary separation from the group as such.

Each of them in their own way has tried to make music with their own personal label and it was there when the presenter questioned him «Are you competitive with your family members? Do you get jealous if your brother or sister does well?«.

To this he assuredly replied: «we are true brothers, period. If I do well that’s good if my family members do well that’s even better” and I add “If you live for 13 years in a house under the same roof 24/7, you become a family. Many people think that the relationships between K-pop band members are a bit fake, but that’s not true. For me, it’s more like, ‘Oh, Jimin, hi! You made it to the Hot 100, I’m so proud of you!»

With this Suga statement of 30 years It has shown that they genuinely collaborate with each other and more than friends they have shown to be a family, that they will always be there to support each other even if they have to be separated for a long time.