suga, one of the rappers and producer member of the South Korean septet of kpop bts, has stated that his group shares something very special with the Kpop girl band BLACKPINKleaving all the members of the group intrigued army and the BLINK.

The popularity of BTS and BLACKPINK have generated a complete revolution in social networks, and it is in this sector where a special rivalry between the official fandoms of the two groups has also originated, since there is no doubt that the two are the acts of kpop most popular and successful in the planet Earth.

The members that make up these important groups take into account the pressure and all the comments that are generated around them thanks to their enormous success and popularity. And that’s how Suga has revealed that bangtan and BLACKPINK share something very special and that perhaps many had not taken into account.

suga revealed that the two groups share something very special, and that is that the idol He explained that years ago, it was not at all common for a South Korean artist to be able to work with an international celebrity or have massive success despite language barriers.

“It’s great that we are one through music”

The talented artist affirmed that it will be very good for him to be able to continue seeing South Korean artists like bts either BLACKPINK, they can have more collaborations and more success outside their borders.

And you, do you like to see both groups succeed on the world music scene?