suga, one of the members of the South Korean Kpop septet bts, moved all his fans and followers with a tender farewell message he made for his groupmate J-Hope, which will shortly be enlisting in the military service mandatory that governs in South Korea.

Although it is difficult for him to accept ARMY, both Suga, how J-Hope and as happened with Jin, each of the members of Bangtan must fulfill their duties as citizens South Koreans.

And now it’s J-Hope’s turn, who would be releasing solo music before going to army. After confirming that he is the second member of the group to go do his duty, his partner Suga has decided to send him a beautiful but very moving message, which has made the entire ARMY cry.

rapper from bts was in a live broadcast of J-Hope, which he did for his birthday and according to speculation, Suga already knew the plans of the idol.

“Don’t go…”, was what suga he wrote to J-Hope during his live broadcast and what now makes all his fans cry, since the reality of everything was his enlistment in the military service.

Until now, the exact date on which jhope join your country’s military troops, but there’s a good chance you’ll do so later this month.