The member of the popular South Korean group BTS, sugahas become a complete star after having made the decision to start his solo career on April 21, 2023the artist with all his charisma and talent has captivated all his followers with his new album «d-day» which is being promoted on a US tour.

The rapper believes that regardless of fame, achievements and awards, BTS remains very humble with all its followers since its inceptionWell, it is well known that the band started from nothing and it is hard to believe, since currently each member is a millionaire and they have their own projects, and for all people and media this is one of the reasons why BTS has grown so much. . Currently, Suga is the cover of the magazine Marie Clarie Korea and for this reason, after a photo session for the magazine, the rapper was interviewed by a reporter who wanted to know about the mentality of one of the promoters of Kpop.

«The group probably experienced the most dramatic rise to success among Korean artists, let alone idols. Many people can ‘exceed expectations’, but only a few can climb to the top of the world» expressed the interviewer of Marie Claire Korea, to which Suga replied, »BTS as a team has its feet firmly on the ground. We don’t live the life of the so-called ‘superstars’. We don’t think we’re at the top, and we know we can always go downhill too. Instead of struggling and suffering to maintain status, we choose to live in gratitude, reminding ourselves that we have fans who support and cheer us on.»

«I have been discussing this with other members for quite some time. We say that we are nothing without our fans, so we have to work for the people who love us. I constantly remind myself that I always have a lot to learn to maintain a sense of balance.“The rapper also commented.

For the media and followers, these statements by rapper Suga were unexpected, since someone with that level of fame would not dare to express himself in such an open way.