Students of the Kadomsky Technological College took the WorldSkills exam for the first time

For the first time, students of the Kadomsky Technological College passed a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills standards. For four days, 16 girls took a demonstration exam in the specialty “Pastry Chef” in the “Cooking” skill. For the first time, students showed the skills of their future profession at a site equipped according to WorldSkills standards. There are three such sites in the Ryazan region.

The exam was evaluated by experts from Sasovsky, Klepikovsky and Shilovsky districts. In addition to the appearance of the dish, experts assessed the taste, technology and cooking time, the cleanliness of the serving dishes, as well as the temperature of the dish. All examinees coped well with the task and showed excellent preparedness.


Marina Rozhkova, expert of the Sasovo Industrial College:

“I am very pleased with today’s exam results and the demo site in general.
Everything went according to the norms and requirements, without violations. The examinees really pleased us with their skills and abilities.”

Elena Pashkova, teacher at the Kadomsky Technological College:

“All the girls are great, they showed a good result. Despite the excitement, they did a great job.”