Student found a bullet in his head four days after being shot

21 year old student from Brazil lived with a bullet in his head for four days. About it reports G1.

The incident occurred on December 31, when Matheus Facio was celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends on the beach in the municipality of Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro state. The student said he didn’t notice the gunshot and thought someone had thrown a rock at him when he discovered he was bleeding from his head. “I heard a sound like an explosion, only inside my head. Then I look forward, no one understands anything, and I say “ah-ah-ah”,” he recalls. Among the vacationers there was a doctor. He helped Facio stop the bleeding, and he continued to have fun.

For the next four days, the student was unaware that he had been seriously injured. It was only on January 4 that he noticed spasms in the muscles of his right arm and went to the hospital. After examination, doctors found out that there was a bullet in his head. Fazio underwent surgery to remove the foreign object, after which he spent two days in the intensive care unit and another day under the supervision of doctors in the hospital. Despite medical concerns, the operation was successful and the patient did not experience any complications, including bleeding or meningitis. “It’s incredible to live for four days with a bullet in your head and not feel anything. He was born again. You can celebrate Mateus’ birthday twice,” the doctors say.

As Fazio said, shortly before the incident he decided to change his occupation. The student studied administration, but dropped out and entered the medical faculty. Fazio claims that until the last moment he doubted whether he had made the right choice. However, during his time in the hospital, he realized that he really wanted to become a good doctor and save people’s lives.

The bullet removed from the victim’s head was handed over to the police. Law enforcement officers will conduct an investigation and find out who fired the shot and from what weapon on New Year’s Eve. There were no reports of gunfire on the beach that day, authorities said.

Previously reportedwhat in USA rescued a man who was in an accident, spent six days in a broken car and survived. The victim said that he shouted to attract the attention of possible passers-by, but no one responded.

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