Shakira has once again been the subject of controversy after she posted a video on her Instagram account in which she sings a fragment of the song “kill bill» American singer SZA.

The part of the song translated into Spanish says:

I could kill my ex, but it’s not the best idea. His new girlfriend is next, how did I get here? I could kill my ex, even though I still love him.

I’d rather be in jail than alone.

I have a feeling it’s a lost cause.

I have a feeling you might really love her.

For many followers of the artist, the fragment of the song refers to the situation she is going through Shakira after the infidelity of Gerard Piqué with Clara Chiaand after the former player decided to post his first photo on Instagram with his new girlfriend.

The Colombian singer has shown that she is going through a bad time after ending her relationship with the former Barcelona soccer player, even so she is dedicating herself completely to her children and her musical career.

The video has generated a large number of comments and reactions among the followers of Shakira, who have expressed their support and solidarity with her, as well as some who have strongly criticized her choice of song and her performance. For her part, the singer has not spoken more about it.

This is not the first time that Shakira He has generated controversy for his social media posts. The artist has been criticized on several occasions for the content of her publications, but she has also received signs of support and affection from her followers.