Camilo and Eva Luna they would be promoting pregnancy without medical controls, for which they have become the target of attacks on social networks from people who are against the procedure that the singer couple decided to follow for their daughter Indigo.

Camilo and Eva Luna They made all this very clear in one of their stories on Instagram, where they assured that in recent days they have been receiving a large number of hate messages and judgments on their networks, which has them very concerned.

In the aforementioned stories, the couple also decided to attack the media and gossip programs, since they assure that they would be harassing. At the beginning they thought to ignore the issue, as they have done «another 50 times«, but the number of attacks that decided to go out to clarify things was great.

Thus denying that their relationship would be in crisis and that they were going to separate, they also took the opportunity to answer about their daughter’s gender. Camilo in the answers he mentions the word “daughter«, completely denying that Indigo is recognized as a genre «nonbinary«.

Camilo and Evaluna have assured that all this was due to the fact that the media took out of context some interviews in which they referred to Indigo in a very neutral way, because they never did “ultrasounds” and did not know the gender of the baby until the moment he was born.

This revelation has caused a strong attack on the couple because they would be promoting the pregnancy without medical check-ups, which could be very harmful for the baby and the mother.

Do you think what the couple did is as wrong as netizens make it out to be on social media?