Streamer Flix Lengyel aka xQC
| photo: sociln st @xQC

Twenty-four-year-old Flix Lengyel, best known for his xQc Internet nickname, has been the most watched streamer on the Twitch platform for the past two years, and there is no indication that he should be missing this championship soon.

That is, the two million dollars lost in online casinos are not a problem for xQc.

His debt is estimated at 300 thousand dollars (about seven million crowns), in total for his career, which began with a professional edge games Overwatchthe dog gave her two billion crowns.

According to his own words, the bag has been screened in online casinos. It’s funny, he can’t afford it, he said in a joint podcast with a colleague Pokimane and confirmed that even at times when the public did not know. I’m not inclined to be vertical. I hung up on me and under it for a long time. Is it good? No, it’s awful. It’s a disease. That’s right, sickness. I’m sick. But in what? He can afford to be sick. Mm tst, betrayed by PC Gamer magazine xQc I listen to my hunters and wonder if it’s not a coincidence that I’m free to help.

Lengyel started his career as a professional Overwatch.

So the famous people do not give the famous people every day and so it is not surprising that it first flew around (not only) the entire gaming world. And, of course, so did his father, who didn’t have to call him during the stream. Obas I’m going for a pension. This is stv. And what? the famous streamer tried unconvincingly.

There are probably only a few tons of urons above this celebrity’s Internet life to smchu this situation is definitely not. Lengyel’s enormous reach and his regular efforts in online casinos are watched by millions of viewers. Until you lose, it’s a ride in the horseshoe, but a tossed rush could inspire someone to do similar experiments. It is surprising that so many people are calling for the absolute destruction of gambling on Twitch.