Daniel, who performs under the nickname Opat04, is one of the country’s most famous and controversial streamers. I have had several bans on Twitch, one of them even lasted a year. But the situation is much worse. He got two permabans, one on the English channel, the other on the Esk.

In the course of the summer, he moved to Malta, where he had an agreement to work with a certain casino. England founded the channel also because the promotion of gambling is prohibited in Estonia. Daniel made his living in Malta and streamed on both of his channels. Ve seemed in complete disarray.

But Pilo was quick to adapt. On the penultimate Saturday in Erven, he streamed on an English channel and chatted with the fans. He got banned for nothing. Twitch is permanently banned for draining other broken conditions.

If you’re banned on one channel, you can’t stream on another either. It could be a circumvention of the rules. So he decided to leave the esk channel inactive for that day.

He gave a day in the afternoon but drank ok. He got banned from the Czech channel and again from the English channel. Practically, at the time when he had a permaban on an English channel, he got it again. This time, Twitch drained it, I avoid getting blocked here, it is recognized by the Abbots that it is possible. On the esk channel, he wrote only WTF, which could cost Twitch as a deduction.

Don’t know what the abbot will do. He realizes that fans prioritize streams on Twitch over those on YouTube. Unfortunately, he probably won’t have anything else to stream there or on the Trovo platform.

Alas, the only one who knows is lolko (Leage of Legends game, editor’s note). Yes, in all my twenty-one years, the only thing I’ve learned is to play dumb. It’s the only one that umm. You’re right, I don’t know anything else, I’m stupid to in his video Abbot. The whole speech continues in a similar vein.

Housing concerns

A few days later, he found out that he did not have to leave Malta, and he escaped from prison before that. The casino I work with has no problem with being promotional on other streaming platforms, not Twitch. He could thus move to the changing platform Trovo, where he streamed even during his ronho ban on Twitch.

Twitch is in communication with the trouble makers. That’s why it’s a question what will happen to his long ones. Bu will become a ghost and get unbanned, which happened to u once, or move to some other streaming platform.