The boys who currently make up the group of kpop, stray kidscuriously, they expose their most intimate secrets and habits when they are drinking and later, when they are already a little drunk.

The group currently made up of 8 members are enjoying what will be the release of two albums, along with some surprises together, as announced in an emotional video days before celebrating the start of this year. 2023.

Stray Kids on many occasions have reasons to celebrate, or they simply do it as a way to entertain their fans so that they can learn more about them. This is exactly what has happened when its members, all of legal age, attended a membership training that they left captured in their recent program SKZ codethere they had to have fun drinking while they got to know more about their other classmates.

But inadvertently, they ended up revealing what their attitudes are when they are drunk, apparently to band chan likes to clean while overindulging in alcohol, while his partner Felix does not enjoy the bitter taste of drinks. TO changbin the fullness that the beer leaves him bothers him Lee Know he usually worries about mixing food with alcohol.

seungminappears to be quite a talkative guy while he is drinking, since IN usually makes him a little sleepy. The most introverted of the group decides to radically change when he wants to drink, that is hyunjinand finally the idol They have enjoys drinking “infinite amounts” but of milk, ice cream and soft drinks.

Thanks to these curious Stray Kids videos, their fans have been able to get to know them much better, creating a safer and closer bond by showing themselves as they are outside of music and the stage.