On the last tour he’s on stray kidshas taken them around the world presenting their shows, this time they are on the oceanic continent, where they have not only been working but have also decided to take a short break.

Recently, the members of the successful group of South Korean singers have been seen walking in the streets and some places of tourist interest in Australia, where hyunjin left more than one of his fans speechless in the Photographs shared by social networks.

Where many expected a photograph of Hyunjin shirtlesssince this warmed up the spirits of the fandom leaving wrapped in a towel hiding their physique, on one of the beautiful beaches of this oceanic country, everyone has been having fun while still continuing to work, since they are in the middle of a tour.

This doesn’t mean the Stray Kids gang can’t get rid of the stress that comes with their job, and they’ve decided to spend several breaks visiting several places and taking many pictures, which they will be sharing on their social networks, very surely

It is expected that they will return to their professional activities on stage very soon, meanwhile, they decided to give their fans and followers a series of beautiful moments in Australia.