bang chanboy band member stray kidshas revealed his plans for the current year 2023apparently in his plans he has included: «marriage and children«.

The member of the group has made his fans go crazy after these statements, since, although he is the oldest member of the group, he is still at a young age, despite that his fans declare that they are willing to support him on any decision that the group makes. artist.

The singer who leads the group stray kids He made his wishes known in a live broadcast on the platform TikTok, that immediately went viral on different social networks.

His companions were still unaware of his intentions and it was also a pleasant surprise for them, but bang chan he suddenly disappointed them by telling the truth of the situation.

Apparently the composer was also carried away by a filter of TikTokwhich supposedly revealed his predictions for the year 2023 through a roulette wheel, where he randomly chose a wish for him.

His first prediction was that he was going to get married, and at this the singer himself was surprised, immediately afterwards the roulette wheel let him know that he was going to have children, which caused the singer to laugh, and he admitted that he did not need to be a father again, because with their seven children, the members of Stray Kids, it was enough.