A few months ago, there were various rumors about stray kidsAt that time, the attention of the media and social networks focused on the alleged buttock augmentation that bang chan would have been done.

This rumor came to the air, due to some shots at several of the Stray Kids concerts, where at the beginning Bang Chan was seen with some buttocks of normal size, to then apparently reappear on the scene some time later with some well defined and voluptuous buttocks, at least this is what various sources on the internet say.

It is no secret to anyone that many of the celebrities who are born in South Koreathey undergo some plastic surgeries, commonly in their various aspects of their faces, but not much is said about surgeries in the buttocks, for which the artist was involved in several controversies due to these rumors.

Months later, recently in a live broadcast with his fans, the star australian I speak about this rumor obviously denying that he underwent any buttock surgery, stating that his aforementioned rear guard would have been the product of a lot of training and exercise, denying many of the fandom who claimed that the rumors were true.

Of course, the memes and viral videos making fun of the situation did not take long to go viral through social networks, especially in tiktokwhere they began to abound clips from Bang Chan’s recent live along with the rumors, which is available on YouTube.