Stoyanov discussed the impact of sanctions on the lives of Russians

Russian actor Yuri Stoyanov discussed the impact of sanctions in the film industry on the lives of Russians. His words lead “Arguments and Facts”.

According to the actor, the departure of American and other foreign films from domestic distribution is not something bad. “Sometimes I read the news”Netflix will soon present the first episode of his new project.” And it’s been on the Internet for a week in good quality, and even professionally dubbed into Russian. Look, I don’t want to. It’s probably illegal, “piracy.” But we can’t say that we don’t “We can watch good Western films. We are only cut off from international film festivals that take place in other countries,” he said.

Previously Yuri Stoyanov admitted, that he praised a lot of bad films. The “Town” star noted that talking about movies is a thankless task. Stoyanov apologized to the audience for previously praising low-quality films. “I feel so ashamed. Sorry about that,” the 66-year-old artist concluded.

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