A storm warning was announced in the Sverdlovsk region on June 21 and 22. Bad weather is also predicted in Nizhny Tagil. According to weather forecasters, Ural residents are expected to experience squally winds with gusts of up to 25 m/s, heavy rains, thunderstorms and hail.

“The so-called cyclonic trough is approaching the Urals from the European territory of Russia. It will bring heavy rains with thunderstorms and gusty winds. Daytime air temperature in the next few days in Nizhny Tagil and Gornozavodsky district will be kept at +20…22°C. At night it will be 11-16°C,” Galina Sheporenko, chief forecaster of the Sverdlovsk hydrometeorological center, told Vse Novosti news agency.

In the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, it is advised to stay at home in such weather and refuse to travel long distances. If a strong wind and a thunderstorm are caught on the street, then the rescuers recommend staying as far as possible from bus stops, power lines, trees and advertising structures. From thunderstorms you can not hide under the trees.

Drivers are also asked to observe concentration while driving a car. It is best to leave the car in a covered parking during bad weather, and take refuge in a roadside cafe, gas station and other capital buildings. Report all incidents to the single emergency number 112.

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