A site has been prepared at the Severny Poselok stop for the safe boarding and disembarkation of passengers, now residents of the microdistrict can take full advantage of the tram infrastructure, Sinara GTR-Taganrog reported.

Photo “Sinara GTR-Taganrog”

Also, work is underway to equip the platforms at the stops Chugunny Lane (in the direction to the center) and Slesarny Lane (in the direction from the center). Until they are completed, the tram goes past these points.

Recall that tram route number 2 in Taganrog was launched on April 30. To serve the open line, seven cars are provided on a permanent basis, plus two reserve cars that go on a trip with the scheduled service of the remaining cars. According to preliminary estimates, the passenger flow on the second route should be about 7-8 thousand people per day. The interval in traffic, as well as on line No. 3, will not exceed 7-9 minutes. The tram schedule is from 5:40 a.m. to 11:39 p.m.

Photo on the main VK “Taganrog Gor Transport”

Earlier we reported that in Taganrog laying tram lines in Smirnovsky lane