December 14, 2022, 13:15 – Public News Service – OSN

The growth of utility tariffs has worried, worried and continues to worry many for many years. The reasons for the growth of tariffs and the difference in their values ​​in different regions of the country, and sometimes even areas of the same settlement, can differ dramatically.

What does it depend on and who oversees the growth of utility tariffs throughout the country, she told the correspondent of the Public News Service Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing and Public Utilities and the Commission on Ensuring Housing Rights of Citizens Svetlana Razvorotneva.

She stated that the tariffing does not depend on the management company.

“Tariffs for utility services are supervised by the state, and this is done in two stages”

“Tariffs for utility services are supervised by the state, and this is done in two stages. First, at the federal level, a ceiling is set for the total payment of citizens for all utilities for a particular region, ”the deputy said.

Regions, she said, often justify the need for investment programs.

“Now the maximum ceiling ceiling is 9%. It was installed the following year. Further, the regions, on the basis of the tariff applications of enterprises with the help of regional tariff services, determine how much a specific reserve will cost at a specific source, ”explained Razvorotneva.

The MP recalled and explained the differences between these sources.

She drew attention to the differences in boiler houses depending on what they work on. It can be fuel oil, gas, coal and other heat sources.

“Keeping a separate boiler room and heating three houses is very expensive”

“Depending on the source of heat and efficiency, it happens that the enterprise has large excess capacity. For example, they once built a factory, some kind of boiler house brought heating to it. There were two or three houses at the factory, then she ordered to live long and, of course, to keep a separate boiler room and heat three houses – this is very expensive, ”the specialist pointed out.

At the same time, as Svetlana Razvorotneva notes, the enterprise sets the cost of gigocalories at this particular source. She explained that if their level there goes off scale and exceeds the ceilings that the FAS prohibits, including, shortfalls in income are compensated for these organizations from regional or local budgets.

“It also includes the tariff of the investment program, for example, if next year it is necessary to build, for example, another boiler house, the tariff can be increased for the organization,” the interlocutor of the publication explained.

According to statistics, as Razvorotneva points out, these are counting values ​​built on the basis of a certain methodology by which they are accepted.

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