December 17, 2022, 13:37 – Public News Service – OSN

Deputy State Duma Dmitry Belik responded to the President’s words Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky about a different vision of the world with Russia.

“We need peace, flowering fields and smiling people in Ukraine, and he needs a territory with a Nazi regime, where they encourage the oppression of the Russian-speaking population, lynching and honoring Nazi criminals,” the lawmaker said.

“This is where our paths and understanding of the world really diverge dramatically.”

Belik stressed that Moscow has nothing to talk about with a man who “cherishes the image of Bandera in his heart and on his tongue.”

Previously, the Public News Service wrote that Zelensky was denied by FIFA the opportunity to speak before the final of the World Cup in Qatar. The French commentators of the Le Figaro newspaper enthusiastically greeted this decision of the football organization.

Meanwhile, CIA Director William Burns stated that peace talks on a settlement around Ukraine are not taking place, allegedly because of the unwillingness of the Russian Federation.