State Duma deputy Andrey Makarov congratulated the people of Ryazan on Victory Day

State Duma deputy Andrei Makarov congratulated the people of Ryazan on Victory Day.

“Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War! Dear residents of the Ryazan region! From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the great holiday – Victory Day!

May 9, 1945 is a sacred date for all generations of Russians, which has become a symbol of unprecedented heroism and unity of our people, loyalty to the Motherland.

On this day, we remember those who died on the battlefields, who selflessly worked in the rear, raised the country in the post-war period and did not live to this day. Bowing the knee before the fallen, we will forever preserve their feat in the names of the streets of our cities, in our hearts and achievements. Low bow to you, generation of winners! There is not and will not be a force in the world capable of making us forget the feat of the soldiers who won peace in 1945!

May all worries recede on these holidays, a bright mood come to every home and the memory of the immortal feat of our people warm the hearts of all generations of patriots of our country. With all my heart I wish health, warmth, peace, happiness and well-being to all Ryazan people!

Happy Victory Day!