The State Duma deputies also proposed to increase the size of the fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension for people who have reached the age of 70.


The authors of the initiative on the 13th pension were members of the Just Russia – For Truth faction. On Tuesday, they plan to submit a draft for consideration, according to which the annual payment of an additional old-age pension will be carried out as early as December this year.

Changes, according to the explanatory note, are proposed to be made to the law “On Insurance Pensions”. “Each pensioner who has been assigned an old-age insurance pension will be paid an additional old-age insurance pension (the so-called 13th pension) once a year in December,” the document says.

According to Sergei Mironov, the head of the Duma faction that initiated the 13th pension, pensioners belong to the category of the most socially unprotected citizens, whom the state is obliged to help with additional payments.

The terms of payment are determined not by chance. Before the holidays, people begin to lend money, and banks and microfinance organizations are willing to meet the wishes of pensioners. The thirteenth pension, according to the parliamentarian, will allow avoiding dangerous dependence on such loans, informs TASS, which has an explanatory note at its disposal. Spravorossy also proposed a two-fold increase in the fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension for people who celebrated their 70th birthday.

Earlier, the Uchitelskaya Gazeta online publication said that the cost of living in Russia in 2023 will be 14,375 rubles. The relevant law was signed by President Vladimir Putin the day before.