Most fans! zajsaj. Their favorite actors from today’s cult field gathered together again in front of the camera and wish they would take care of the rid. In the new comedy Hadby hoelo ho, Vladimul kultty (40) and Michal Istenk (38) had fun with themselves, and Vladimir betrayed Express to the spicy spirits.

Who wouldn’t have seen the seril at least once Apple juice!as if he was not. Not only did he become a cult, but many of the unknown actors became a night star. Just like you from Vladimír kultty and Michal Istenko. These two people rarely remember each other, because they not only sat in front of the camera, but also meet in private.

It’s a happy pleasure with Michal hrt. We are friends even in personal life, let’s talk about personal life and work. Not only is it a pleasure to meet nm on the set, but also to watch how he works, how he plays, but it’s also great to just talk, Vladimir spoke in front of the Express camera.

Sm is aware that the first Bridge! he opened the imaginary hole in show business and since then there has been a lot of work.

Eda with her companions from Severka

It was bo. I was glad that he was in the dark with such darkness, which is similar to this film. It was very nice for me and it was nice to meet a lot of actors there, added cult.

In the new comedy, he plays you next door Anny Polvkov and Miroslav Krobotwho never dreamed of it.