The famous Russian actress, humorist and TNT star Natalia Medvedeva pleased her fans by announcing the addition to the family.

On her page on the social network, the actress published a picture with a baby’s pen, signing it: “Now there are five of us! Family … My sweetness.

Inspired fans quickly responded to the publication and literally flooded Natalya Medvedeva with compliments: “Very good news!”, “We are happy for you, Natalia”, “I wish you a happy family life.”

Natalya Medvedeva with her family, photo from the social network

Natalya Medvedeva has been with Alexander Koptel for 15 years, of which 10 years have been married. The couple has two children. The birth of the third baby came as a surprise to many subscribers and couples are familiar – Natalia so skillfully hid her position.