TMZ informs us that King’s wool is living times of trouble with a creepy pursuer. To try to breathe a little, he obtained a restraining order against the stalker, after the woman broke into his house 3 times.

The name of the accused is Janeen Lee Stratton, who acted in a very scary manner. Believe it or not, the woman thinks she’s the muse inspiring of Lana’s music. And it is not only that, Stratton believes that the singer is communicates with her through letters and dreams.

Thus, the stalker repeatedly stalks Lana’s team members to demand an appointment. Some screenshots of the posts, including a very emphatic response from a representative.

We have received your messages and we ask that you stop attempts immediately. She doesn’t know you and doesn’t want to communicate or meet with you. Continual attempts to communicate with your family or employees may result in legal action against you. Thank you for respecting your privacy.”.

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The woman responded and said that “won’t give up easy”. Will justice solve it? She really looks stubborn. She ended up in front of Lana Del Rey’s home in Los Angeles and was stopped by security. The woman admitted she had two pocket knives with her. As a result, she was expelled.

Another attempt was in late 2021. Lana Del Rey is really scared by her security. Fortunately for the singer, the court He found the story terrifying enough and is moving toward obtaining a permanent ban. In other words, the woman will never be able to get close to the singer again.