Stack of hay burned down in Starozhilovsky JSC named after Kuibyshev

On July 29, a stack of hay in rolls caught fire near the livestock complex of JSC “Imeni Kuibyshev” in the Starozhilovsky district. A message about this was received by the radiotelephonist’s console of PSCH No. 45 at 12.49.

Employees of the DPK “Aristovo”, PCh No. 45, water-carrying equipment of JSC “Imeni Kuibyshev”, a tractor-loader, and other services arrived at the scene.

They defended neighboring stacks located in an open area. And the burning one was extinguished at 20.00.

The total fire area was 150 square meters. meters (300 rolls in a stack 6X25).

There were no deaths or injuries in the fire. Cause and damage are established.