St Petersburg University allegedly has a list of politically active employees with whom they do not plan to continue working. About it “Paper” independently from each other anonymously reported two employees of the university.

Where did the list come from. For the first time about the possible existence of the “black list” of St. Petersburg State University “Paper” became known on December 19. Then the university teacher said that rumors began to circulate among the employees about the appearance of such a list at the Institute of Chemistry.

Companion “Paper” stated that he had not seen the “black list”, but several colleagues who did not know each other told him about the maintenance of such a list of employees. According to the teacher, several deans were summoned to the rector’s office and handed them sheets with the names of “unreliable” workers of oppositional views, cooperation agreements with which do not need to be renewed.

Layoffs. The appearance of the “black list” was also announced by an employee of one of the scientific departments of St. Petersburg State University, citing the words of the head of the laboratory. According to the employee, several of his colleagues from the laboratory have already been fired – their annual contracts have not been renewed. According to his assumptions, they were blacklisted.

Companion “Paper” explained that his head of the laboratory was informed about the list of “unreliable” employees by a representative of the rector’s office. He allegedly stated that this was a list from the security forces and that “nothing could be done about it.” How many people could be on the list is unknown.

Who is included in the list. Criteria for inclusion in the list of “unreliable” SPbU employees for both interlocutors “Paper” unknown. According to them, the reason for being included in the list could be anti-war statements on social networks or open letters against the invasion of Ukraine in the spring.

How they get fired. In conversation with “Paper” both university employees reported that the university could legally not renew the contract with a teacher who was on the list. In this case, “unreliable” employees simply will not be able to continue working at the university.

How does the contract system work at St Petersburg University?

Most employees at St Petersburg University do not work under an employment contract, interlocutors say “Paper”. Applicants for work at the university apply for grants. As a rule, they conclude contracts for a year.

According to a professor at St Petersburg University, the university has already laid off some employees without renewing their contracts. The management argued that the teachers did not have time to take 450 couples in the academic year. However, almost none of the employees of the university have such a load, the source added. “Paper”.

Context. Before the start of the academic year, in September 2022, St Petersburg University suddenly shortened teachers of the Liberal Arts program: sociologist Zhanna Chernov and philosopher Viktor Kaplun. They also did not renew their contracts.

“Paper” On December 20, she sent a request to the St Petersburg University press service about the existence of a “black list”, but did not receive a response within 10 days.

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