St. Petersburg residents found their missing 40-year-old neighbor by smell

IN St. Petersburg Residents of a multi-storey building on Alexander Green Boulevard found their missing 40-year-old neighbor by smell. About it reported “Fontanka”.

According to the publication, townspeople discussed in one of the chats that an unpleasant aroma had spread in the corridor and on the site. Some St. Petersburg residents suggested that it was coming from the apartment of a man whom no one had seen for a long time.

Fear grew and the residents of the high-rise building decided to open the door to their neighbor’s home. When rescuers arrived, they found a man there without signs of life. The police began to look into what had happened; during interrogation, the neighbors said that in the past they had complaints against their neighbor and considered his apartment to be bad.

Previously reportedwhat in Tyumen region accidentally found a man who disappeared 15 years ago.

Before this in Yekaterinburg found a missing woman who, six months after her disappearance, sent her husband a message “I’m in hell” and asked for help.

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