We now have a much better situation that goes beyond just a shortage of fuel, gas, electricity and food. Our economy has completely collapsed. This is the most prominent issue facing them today, said Serbian Prime Minister Ranil Vikremesinghe, who also serves as finance minister. The AP agency informed about it.

Sri Lanka is currently unable to buy fuel, not even in cash, due to the large debts of the national oil company. Ceylon Petroleum Corporation currently owes $ 700 million (16 billion crowns), which is why many countries and companies around the world are reluctant to provide fuel, the prime minister said.

Sri Lanka has provided assistance to neighboring India in the form of a bill in the amount of one billion dollars (93 billion crowns). Vikremesinghe bag added that India would not be able to hit Sri Lanka over the water for long.

Sri Lanka has suspended debt repayment

The island country has announced that it is suspending the payment of foreign debt in the amount of seven billion dollars (164 billion crowns), which should be repaid this year, as a result of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on the rescue package. By 2026, the ron must meet an average of five billion dollars (117 billion crowns).

According to the recently elected prime minister, the government did not act on you and told the government to turn the situation around. If at least steps were taken at the arrest to slow down the collapse of the economy, we would not have to make this difficult situation today, the prime minister said. Now we see the signs of my land to the bottom, said Vikremesinghe.

The country’s economy was hit by a covid-19 pandemic, rising energy prices and a dream tax. The official inflation rate in Sri Lanka, ie the rate at which prices are rising, rose by 39.1 percent in May. At the same time, food prices in the largest city in Colombo rose by 57.4 percent.