The association from ru nad Szavou was originally established in November 1991 as a circle, but since then it has come a long way. Round year celebrated flambert ermi with a small bottom entrance 30 + 1 in the Regional Museum, which will last until May 15. Jaromr Vybotok doesn’t just talk about it in an interview.

Jaromr Vybotok

  • The 50-year-old is historically the same governor of the Czech society of the historical Flamerm Company, which was originally established as a circle under the leadership of Ladislav Konvin at the House of Children in November 1991.
  • Aktuln is the oldest member of Flamberg, operating in the region since 1996.
  • The profession is a mechanical engineer, a member of the Armdy R Active Ingredients, in which he is the company commander of the regional military headquarters.
  • He played Johanek z Arku and the fairy tale O ztracen lsce in the feature film.

Tictka is symbolic for everyone, because you mainly focus on wolves for thirty years. In Flamberg, have you decided to change your specialization over time and switch from me to tord and cords, ie from rhymes to erme?
Specifically, it is age, but it is more common. It’s pretty physically nron raubina and I don’t know about it. I had armor that weighed 33 kilograms with me and me. In Flamberg, we have been wielding wolves for thirty years, which are again technically and movement-wise, it’s not like it’s just gothic. In short, something else was used.

How often do you thorn?
We have blackberries together every Sunday morning for about two hours of training. In the meantime, each of the deposits is separated separately.

How do you actually run in duels, it is up to you who will win?
All fights are honest, so let’s see what we want to show in them, let’s prepare events, mole etudes, then we’ll rehearse it. During the exercise, let’s do the right thing, let’s talk to each other when you’re taught that something seems illogical. Unoccupied fights do not look like time, even in such fights the hunter must be willing to hurt the other and kill to make it believable. Of course, no one wants to hurt their colleague, we create it a bit scenically. My experience from active roles is such that when it happens, the hunter bricks first, few people first.

Do you have any protective elements under your costume at all?
They are not needed. The cords are not sharpened, the edges are blunt, the points of the kick are bluntly covered. If injuries occur, they are the culprit, only superficially injured. The dog is not even hungry for a wave, we only have fashions. Historic erm is a much safer affair not a top sport. It’s an honest practice, and we don’t include a lot of dangerous elements in the fight.

You wanted to organize two exhibitions last year, in the end you prepared it in the Regional Museum and in the spring term. How else did it affect the covid period?
Like other clubs: we did not perform. Two years ago, practically not at all, last year, some events took place. This year will hopefully be normal.

Where are you going?
We will be beating on June Day, during the Permanent Estate Festival at the arrest of July, we can’t go long. At the end of the season, we’re going to reconstruct the battle of Bl Hoe, which is a reward event. We don’t go into battle, we hang out all day. This is a typical member, but there are a lot of public events.

How much is vs currently in the association?
Around patncti. Some punch, others leave.

I noticed the Nbor squadron, are you also looking for new members?
Yes. It is a nice ending with which to look in the Czech Republic, and when it comes down to it, also in Europe. This is the end of nron na as. Who wants to drink me and try it.

Do you have any special requirements? It probably wants the hunter to be a little physically fit and clever.
It’s definitely better, even if it’s hard to come by. I haven’t met many people who can’t.

How is shnte equipped at all?
Today we buy everything, and it’s about costumes or weapons. In the nineties, we often made costumes and weapons at home. I went to Flamberg in 1996, when I bought star kabt and zvsy and I made it a soldier’s costume. When we, as an association, earn you some pensions, we invest them in large props again.

How much did it cost?
I bought my last costume, ie pants, koili and coat, for some 15 thousand. It’s a fact that I take care of the button and the costume is run it, then it happens.

When I got up, I found out that you made your own money in the arrests.
Yes, with the help of family pslunk and kamard. The head is made on a lathe, it is forged high-turned semi-finished product. One of them used to cut ornaments in the barrels today, we made the carriage ourselves, we got the bow, we forged the wheels.

They look very hard, they have a lot of detail.
We stayed in the long run, it took about half a year. In the arrest, Flamberg was a busy man, today a high-ranking cyclist. I am a mechanical engineer, according to them is a teacher, ajk, professional soldier, first, several future elements, pediatrician, future lkaka, physiotherapist, math student

One of the winners of the exhibition is dedicated to the feature film Johanek z Arku. You were personal, didn’t you?
I don’t even know how it came about, but at the casting in Brno they chose from the whole of the country forty ermans from various groups of historical ermas. This was at a time when Flamberg was engaged in Gothic style. I got to the fair with my former colleague today, then we spent about ten weeks at Slezsk Hart near Bruntl, where the castle scenery, the entrance fortress to Orlans, was created.

Vron vstava

Until 15 May, an exhibition dedicated to the darkness of the Flamerm Society of Historical Erm can be visited in the main building of the Regional Museum of the town of nad Nadavou.

Replicas of weapons, armor and equipment from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period are exhibited, which the Romans used and often go to use in their performances, supplemented by photographs and materials from their rich history, to the primates Kamila Dvokov.

Some of the weapons and selected weapons can be tested by the visitors themselves, including bows on the target.

How, years later, do you remember making a film by director Luc Besson, which premiered in 1999?
Different people met there, for example Petr Jkl, who shot Jan iku, or Petr Lacina, a representative judo coach, the actor Hynek ermk was there with you. The mod was French, June English. We made, say, a professional extra, we were in the second and third full. We trained in the barn, fought the battle, which was then canceled and baptized by Reisr.

There has been a story in Flamberg ever since, eh?
In the film, there is a scene where French soldiers break through the gates of the fortress by a chariot car. When it came down to it, Reisr had only a devo. It seemed to him that he had it, so he let it go out, but because he was in a hurry, he drove off the fire, the dm rose from the pile of wood. He drove the fighter out of the special effects and began to scoop up a flammable paste to make a fire. And as he added, the paste flowed to hav devo and got married. Then lightning began to burn fire, taking him with a fifty-liter barrel from which he picked up the fire. Suddenly, it was all around.

The main heroine, Milla Jovovich, then fought in front of the fire, but there was a lot of extras in the scene who, in the exact direction, were wondering what was going on. They collided about five meters from the car, my colleague Petr Jaitner was just backing up and tripping, Milla fell on him. So he picked her up, took her to her, and took her to safety. If that’s why she broke up with Besson (then manel, editor’s note), to nevm. At that time, Petr was only molten. Hereka then didn’t even write to him. (laughs)

Then you found yourself in a finished film on collections?
I’m there for about 0.8 seconds when I’m a mile. It’s an outward dog character in a scene where the French invade the English camp. He was introduced by Vincent Cassel, who became famous in the film The Purple Eyes.

What other natens did you go on?
Z Flamberg ns asi est toilo pohdku O ztracen lsce (2002). There, a huge detail, the camera fucked my dog’s belly in armor, which I only knew from the fastening of the armor. (laughs) Kratch naten, one-day and two-day, we did a lot more. The people who can make such scenes have increased over the years. When we started, there were about twelve groups of historical erm in the Czech Republic, today there are hundreds of them.

The founder of Flamberg, Ladislav Konvin, said years ago that the Czech Republic is very specific about how much different associations work here on military history.
That’s under salary. I remembered that we also had a boss who wanted to go to us, but found out that we didn’t cut Star Wars. (laughs)

Is that a lighthouse?
Yes, with that way. It is also seen that the people do not just focus on history.