Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly Laszlo Kever believes that Western countries have made a strategic mistake by trying to turn Ukraine into a military base directed against Russia . He announced this in the program of the radio station InfoRadio, reports TASS .

“The Western world made a strategic mistake by trying not only to take Ukraine out of Russia’s sphere of interest, but also to turn it into a densely populated military base directed against Russia,” Kever said.

The Ukrainian conflict has changed the “geopolitical map of the world,” the speaker noted.

According to him, as Western countries pursued the sanctions policy against the Russian Federation, “it became more and more obvious that attempts were being made to tear Russia away from Europe, from the European Union , both economically and politically, by creating a new iron curtain.”

These were not necessarily European initiatives, but the European political elite for some reason became their ardent supporter, he believes.

At the same time, he stated that all this is not an excuse for Russia to launch a special military operation in Ukraine, since “the responsibility is mainly borne by the one who fired the first shot.”

The politician also added that the conflict in Ukraine should be resolved as soon as possible, after which a new European security system should be created, which will take into account the interests of all countries.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the special operation was “absolutely necessary” to thwart plans to turn Ukraine into “anti-Russia.”