Spassky RDK with “Russian gatherings” took second place in the regional competition of entertainment programs

The third and final stage of the V regional competition of entertainment programs for children and teenagers “The New Generation Chooses” was held in the Spassky District House of Culture on June 19. The founders of the competition are the regional Ministry of Culture and the Ryazan Regional Scientific and Methodological Center of Folk Art.

Yuri Krotov, Deputy Head of the Spassky District Administration:

“Dear friends, residents and guests of our city, today our guests are representatives of three districts who will show their skills. This competition is important and necessary not only for professional participants who will show new forms of organizing a gaming holiday direction and share their experience, but our children will also know how to spend their free time within a healthy lifestyle, be able to enjoy and relax.”

Spassky RDC presented a fragment of the educational and intellectual program within the framework of the Year of Cultural Heritage “Russian Gatherings” (Program Manager Galina Mityakova). With assistants from the Mischievous team, they introduced the children to the traditions of Russian life. The children enjoyed taking the pot out of the oven, winding yarn, etc.

The Maklakovskiy SDK of the Pronsky District organized a “Merry Journey Through the Pages of Fairy Tales” for the children, arranging fun games with fairy tale characters and magical objects (Program Manager Liliya Tsareva).

The Istinsky KFOR of the Starozhilovsky District performed with the program “Musical Fantasy” (program leader Alena Matveeva), the children sang and danced along with the hosts, and also remembered the hero of children’s cartoons.

Churilkovsky SDK Rybnovsky district with the entertainment program “Sunny Mood” made a real commotion, starting with a general warm-up (programme manager Yulia Morozova). And then the guys participated in fun starts.

And if the children met all four programs with a bang, then the jury chose the best one. The participants were evaluated by the director of the Ryazan scientific and methodological center of folk art Elena Shapovskaya, the head of the department of club work and cinema of the scientific and methodological center Irina Perfilova and the head of the agency of holidays in Ryazan Evgenia Amelina.

Summing up the results of the regional competition, Elena Shapovskaya said:

“Dear children, parents, grandparents, I want to thank you for coming to this wonderful House of Culture today, and for raising children on folk tales and songs. The most important thing is that we pass on from generation to generation how we value our traditions, how we love our small homeland.

The first place in the competition was taken by the team of Maklakovsky SDC.

Lilia Tsareva:

“As always at such competitions, everything went just fine: they received it wonderfully, everything was organized wonderfully. We performed with pleasure, received a charge of positive emotions, met new people. Everything is great!”

The second place was shared by Spassky RDK and Churilkovsky SDK. The third place was taken by the team of Istinsky SDK.

Irina Perfilova, head of the department of club work and cinema of the scientific and methodological center:

“For two years, due to the pandemic, we did not hold this competition. This year it is held in three stages: the first was held in Sasovo, the second in Ryazhsk and the third, final, in Spassk. The winners of all three stages remain on our note. There are many events ahead in Ryazan as part of the “Cultural Summer”. And for the organization of interactive playgrounds, we know who to call.”