The winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad were congratulated in Spassk

May 12 in Spassk in the House of Culture for the thirteenth time was the traditional district holiday “Intelligence of the Future”. For schoolchildren and teachers of the Spassky District, the 2021-2022 academic year has become special: they have surpassed the results of recent years in terms of the number of awards won. In total, 24 Spassky schoolchildren participated in the regional stage.

Igor Tishinhead of the administration of the Spassky district:

“I congratulate the guys and their mentors on their well-deserved awards. More than a thousand students of the Spassky district participated in the initial stage of the selection. As a result, Anna Potapova showed a brilliant result at the regional stage: she won in Russian and English. Five more children became prize-winners in social science, physics, literature and other subjects. This is a significant achievement for the entire district, which shows the high level of education in our schools.”

Igor Tishin presented letters of thanks to the winner and prize-winners: Anna Potapova and Varvara Ivanova (Spasskaya School); Ekaterina Enchikova (Kiritskaya school); Daniil Peryshkin (Izhevsk school); Karina Uspenskaya (Trinity School) and Daria Akinshina (Spasskaya Gymnasium).

Also, the head of the district administration noted the teachers who prepared the children for the Olympiad: Marina Bulaeva (Spasskaya Gymnasium); Anastasia Lapin (Kiritskaya school); Olga Rusakova and Elena Filatkina (Spasskaya School); Olga Starostina (Trinity School) and Alexander Shirokov (Izhevsk School).

This academic year, two teachers of the Spassky district received the badge “Honorary Worker of Education and Enlightenment of the Russian Federation.” Igor Tishin presented awards on stage to the primary school teacher of the Spassk Gymnasium, Elena Mitrokhina; Elena Filatkina, teacher of the Russian language and literature at the Spassky School.

The head of the education department of the district administration, Igor Minin, thanked all the participants of the regional stage; presented them with certificates of honor and gifts. Igor Yuryevich also noted the teachers of the district, thanks to whom the guys every year adequately represent their city and settlements at the regional level.