Ladislav Krejčí Jr. from Sparta (left) after a duel takes the ball in the match against Pilsen.
| photo: Petr Eret,

In a weekend duel in Pilsen, Krejčí played with a yellow card when, shortly after halfway through Caleta, he signaled a foul on the penetrating Řezník. The main referee Černý awarded the visiting midfielder a second yellow card in the match and subsequently expelled him.

At that time, the score was 3: 0 for Pilsen, which played in ten from the first half without the excluded Bucha.

However, the television recording showed that Řezník had simulated his fraud and that Krejčí had not fouled. Sparta appealed against the exclusion of its player and the commission upheld her objection.

“After watching the available video footage, the Disciplinary Committee stated, unanimously with the referees’ committee, that in this case there was no violation of the rules of football, and therefore no disciplinary offense was committed. For this reason, there was an obvious error of the referee and in such a case it is appropriate to stop the disciplinary proceedings with the player, “said the chairman of the disciplinary.

This proceeded in the same way, for example, in the cases of Lukáš Vaňek from Ústí nad Labem, who was expelled in a cup match in August 2016, or in the case of Jan Shejbal from Teplice in October 2019.

“Therefore, this is a different case than the offense of the Olomouc player Falta from the autumn of 2018, when there was a violation of football rules, which was subsequently incorrectly evaluated by the referee in the form of the wrong type of personal penalty on the field,” Baček explained.

As Krejčí received the second yellow card in Pilsen during the superstructure, he could not start in Wednesday’s match against Slovácko. If the commissions acknowledged that he had just received the red, he would not have played in the league finals in Slavia on Sunday.