The Public Prosecutor of Spain is asking for a sentence of up to 8 years for the Colombian singer for the tax fraud she did against the government of that country.

The Spanish Prosecutor’s Office asks for more than eight years in prison for Shakira! This has been confirmed in the most recent update of the tax evasion chaos that Shakira would have committed in the country European, where the authorities of that country assure that the Colombian would have evaded up to 14 million euros in taxes to the Spanish government.

The queen of Latin pop is being accused of crimes against Tax authorities public for defrauding 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, pretending that he did not reside in Spain, when in fact he did.

The Public ministry He presented his formal indictment before the court investigating the case, after the Barcelona Court confirmed that he should go to trial, given the indications that he had lived in Spain since 2012 and, therefore, had been obliged to pay taxes since then. in this country.

The Colombian artist, who has already returned the 14.5 million required by the Spanish Tax Agency and three others from interests.

Last Wednesday, the singer’s communication agency announced that Shakira had rejected the agreement offered by the Prosecutor’s Office to avoid being tried, since she “fully” trusts her innocence.

His legal team held discussions with the Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office to reach an agreement that would reduce the sentence that could correspond to him, but he decided to reject the last offer of the public ministry.

In a statement, Shakira assured that she has chosen to “leave the issue in the hands of the law, with the tranquility and confidence that justice will prove her right.”