The founder of the company convinces that they started working long before the American Starlink appeared.

The name Starlink caused a lawsuit / photo

The American company SpaceX sued the Ukrainian company Starlink LLC and Ukrpatent because of the name starlink.

The corresponding proceedings were opened on October 24, and the first meeting is scheduled for December 8, reports

The Americans demand early termination of the trademark of the Ukrainian Starlink, which applied for brand registration in March 2010, and the registration itself took place in February 2011. At the same time, Starlink’s subsidiary in Ukraine, Starlink Ukraine LLC, started operating in Ukraine only in April 2022.

The founder of Starlink LLC, Sergei Dulitsky, said that SpaceX lawyers contacted him a year ago and began to demand that they give them the trademark, since Starlink is a “world famous brand.”

The man notes that Starlink LLC has been providing IT services under the StarLink brand for over 14 years. His company was registered in 2009, while the American Starlink was announced in 2015 and launched services in 2020.

“It’s not our fault that we chose such a name. By the way, long before Starlink itself appeared,” Dulitsky was indignant.

It is worth adding that he allows the possibility of negotiations with the company if SpaceX compensates for the costs of abandoning the brand. The man explained that clients know his business by this name, and mail has been working on this domain for many years.

Starlink in Ukraine

In Ukraine, Starlink satellite Internet officially launched on February 26. About 20 thousand Starlink satellite units was transferred to Ukraine since the start of a full-scale invasion by Russian troops in February.

After that, their number only began to grow. Satellite Internet is actively used not only by the military, but also in de-occupied territories where there is no connection.

Help UNIAN. Starlink is a project of the American company SpaceX to develop a high-performance satellite platform for manufacturing communication satellites and launching a large number of them into space. The system provides access to broadband Internet anywhere in the world.

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