SpaceX received permission for the second launch of Starship

SpaceX Company received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration USA for the second test launch of the Starship reusable transport system. About it reports ArsTechnica.

According to the regulator, the company has satisfied all safety and environmental requirements for the launched system. A combination of a super-heavy rocket (accelerator) and a spacecraft should launch on November 17 no earlier than 16:00 Moscow time from the SpaceX launch pad in Texas.

If successful, the second Starship test mission is expected to last about an hour and a half and end with the splashdown of the ship of the same name in the Pacific Ocean north of Hawaii. The separation of the ship from the accelerator should occur approximately 2.5 minutes after the launch of the system, as a result of which the latter should splash down in the Gulf of Mexico.

In September, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk stated about the readiness of the Starship reusable transport system for the next test launch.

In April, four minutes after launch, a prototype of the Starship reusable transport system explodedgaining a height of 38 kilometers.

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