January 4, 2023, 10:23 – Public News Service – OSN

Soviet dissident, philologist and one of the fighters against anti-Semitism Viktor Fainberg died at the age of 92. This was reported by the deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, deputy chairman of the Yabloko faction Boris Vishnevsky in his Telegram channel. Feinberg’s death was also reported by his children.

The deputy in his message recalled that Fainberg, together with a small group of people, went to Red Square in 1968 and protested against the entry of Soviet troops into the territory of Czechoslovakia. All 8 people were detained as rioters. They were also charged with an article on the dissemination of deliberately false information discrediting the Soviet state system.

In addition, Viktor Fainberg was sent for a psychiatric examination, after which he was sent for compulsory treatment as insane. Prior to this, the man was sentenced to a year of hard labor with a police officer.

Earlier in the capital’s Church of the Great Ascension on Nikitskaya Street on December 31 said goodbye with composer Eduard Artemiev. After the funeral service and farewell, Artemiev will be buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery.

The death of the 85-year-old composer became known on December 29. This was announced by the Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova. She noted his contribution to the development of Russian musical art.