The popular and controversial animated series South Park, has released a new and controversial episode dedicated to the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle, alluding to some aspects that have occurred in the royal couple and how they left the United Kingdom to search for “privacy”.

if there is one series who has never been afraid of anything and has dared to satire and mock different stars and personalities, that is undoubtedly South Park.

The animated series for adults has released a new episode dedicated to the Dukes of Sussex, full of not so indirect hints, where they make fun of some of the situations that the couple has gone through in their controversial fight with the british monarchy.

Throughout the chapter, titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour, two characters quite similar to the Dukes of Sussex are shown. In the cartoon they refer to them as “the princes of Canada”, who “crossed the pond” in search of privacy, referring to their move to the USA.

According to the medium Deadline, the jokes in the cartoon focus on “the tension between Harry and Meghan’s desire for privacy and their willingness to share intimate details of their lives in interviews, Prince Harry’s book and his series of Netflix”.

The episode has generated all kinds of comments in social networks, some agree and some disagree. But SouthPark’s mission has certainly been accomplished.

And you, what do you think of the new and controversial episode of South Park dedicated to prince harry and Meghan Markle?