Sora radish considered an early spring crop, it is grown in April, May. In summer, it does not grow at all, however, there are varieties that can be grown in the warmest season, such is the Sora F1 hybrid:

  • Radishes were bred at the end of the 20th century in the Netherlands. In 2001, it began to be planted in Russia. It ripens in 26 days, the tops are small, with many light green leaves. The shape is oval, has a bright red color, white below. Not empty and non-bitter, crunchy, for which many gardeners appreciate it. It keeps well, especially in cool rooms.
  • Sora tolerates all weather conditions, is resistant to drought, frost, tolerates shading well, but the harvest will not be very good. It is worth noting its resistance to powdery mildew, mucous bacteriosis.
  • Sora radish is valued for its high yield, excellent resistance to bolting, and juicy fruits. The disadvantages include the size of the radish, it is not large, with insufficient or strong watering, the fruits can rot, the taste will become insipid. The summer variety must be darkened so that it does not shoot an arrow.

Planting a radish

Professional Sora seeds do not need to be processed, they are ready for planting, other seeds must be kept in hot water of 50 degrees so that diseases do not spread.

You can plant radishes in open ground, a greenhouse, it will quickly give a delicious harvest. Any soil is suitable for him, except for acidic. Do not plant radishes after cabbage, radish, lettuce.

As soon as the snow has melted, you can start planting, it is advisable to warm the ground. Dig holes one centimeter deep. They can be sown in single file. With good humidity, the seeds will germinate in a week.

In care, watering is the main thing.

The soil must be well moistened so that the radish does not crack.

In a greenhouse for radish germination, the temperature should be 5-10 degrees, it should be watered moderately. Before harvest, watering and temperature should be increased.

You can harvest after planting after 26 days. Do not let the crop overripe, the radish will become tart. The leaves of the harvested fruits are cut off.

The main enemies of Sora are cruciferous fleas and whites.

To do this, it is worth preparing a tobacco solution, you will need tobacco dust, which plants are processed with. The fruits can be sprinkled, after which they can not be watered for a while.

Common radish diseases are bacteriosis, keel, black leg.

Getting a good harvest is not difficult for experienced gardeners and beginners. The taste of the fruit will please. Salads, snacks are made from it, eaten fresh. It keeps well, so they regale on it for a long time.

Author Zlata Kuznetsova

Zlata Kuznetsova – journalist, philologist, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

Curator Andrey Tumanov

Andrey Tumanov – Russian journalist and TV presenter, producer, politician