The marriage between the actress Sophie Turner and the singer-songwriter Joe Jonas, member of the Hermanos Jonas, would be facing some marriage problems, after you would see claims that the couple would have some differences.

According to several sources close to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, the couple would be having some differences that have caused some problems in their marriage.

The marriage between the two artists would have been the subject of some passive aggressive comments in social networks, which would have caused some discussions between the famous couple.

However, it is said that they have tried to stay on the sidelines and would not be publicly demonstrating their marital problems, in order not to affect the daughter that they both have.

Staying in peace is the best thing they consider right now. Any problem they are going through, they will try to solve it privately, since they do not want the possible marital problems they face to become a media circle of which all media talk for weeks

The fans of both artists They are waiting for what they can declare regarding the rumors. However, they expect Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas they stay together and happily for a long time.