20-year-old Arkhip Glushko has already scheduled a move abroad. He plans to run away with his fiancee.

Singer-Putinist Natasha Koroleva / photo instagram.com/koroleva

The son of singer Natasha Koroleva, who was born in Ukraine but cynically silent about the war, is preparing to escape from Russia. 20-year-old Arkhip Glushko plans to travel to the US with his fiancee. Russian media write about it.

It is known that in the spring of 2023, the son of the Queen and Tarzan graduates from the university, after which he moves. It is possible that in this way the young man is trying to “slope” from military service.

“Most likely, I will go to the magistracy, but there are such plans that in another country,” Arkhip Glushko quotes the publication.

In the USA, the guy’s grandmother lives on his mother’s side – Lyudmila Poryvay. By the way, she publicly supported Ukraine, which is probably why she had a conflict with her son-in-law.

Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan about the war in Ukraine

After February 24, Natasha Koroleva, from Kiev, is cynically silent about the war in her native country. But her stripper husband does not hide the fact that he supports Putin’s policy. He repeatedly spoke out that he was ready to go to war. Natasha herself said that if such needthen release the “defender” to the front.

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Recall that recently the Queen got into a scandal. During the performance, the star appeared on stage in an outfit in the color of the flag of Ukraine. Because of this, the giver had to make excuses. The singer assured that the yellow background is just a canvas for the show, and not the flag of any country.

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