The Apple AirTag is a zazen that the manufacturer introduced last spring. With the help of this little dog you can quickly find the lost thing, at home and abroad. All you have to do is pin the AirTag to the air conditioners, and you can track their exact position with the help of a connected iPhone, both at short distances and if you leave them somewhere else, not be there. First, this length of tracking hides a potential danger of stalking other people.

There have been cases where someone tells you pilepil AirTag alien hunter on the car and then he had a very clear idea of ​​where he was. There were only a few more iPhone near the AirTag to activate with a device from Apple, which is two to know its position. Sometimes, on the contrary, it works phodn (you when the Russian army steals zazen from Ukraine, which bag dl hls your location), other times it is quite a danger.

Apple reacted to this fact relatively quickly with a new iPhone function, which now indicates that a foreign AirTag is moving close. So now you should be sure that if there is a foreign watchdog, the phone will alert you. You can find the full instructions on what to do if you receive such a notification here at Apple support pages.

The manufacturer advises that you can ring this unknown device yourself in the case of the AirTag. If you can’t find the device in this way either and read the threat at the same time, Apple’s advice: go to a safe public place and contact the police.

Now, however, there are also cases when the alert for monitors appears on the phones quite accidentally, you in the middle of the night. After a follow-up of this foreign device according to Wall Street Journal shows users completely meaningless data, when that suspect AirTag bounces randomly on the map.

At first, such cases only cause confusion of those who spend a lot of time looking at non-existent devices. The Wall Street Journal also describes the cases of people who, in an attempt to find it, for example, suspected that the AirTag had not swallowed a dog from a neighbor. There has never been a bag of such zazen.

Obviously, in some cases these are just bugs that Apple should fix. Now it is a question of what exactly causes this error and how to effectively achieve a situation where the monitoring will be necessary to take the actual external.