Hib said on Thursday, in Prague there are three refugees per capita not in some other regions and the city has free capacity. He announced that Prague will introduce St. assistance center in Vysoany (KACPU), if the government does not start working to create a system of divided refugees into regions. According to him, the number of refugees for cities and jobs in which region is there.

PICTURE: Ndra did not manage the refugees, they set up a tent in Troja

KACPU serves the metropolis and the Middle Ages, and during the three months of the Russian invasion, the dog handled 84,000 refugees. Central President Petra Peckov said that her region was cooperating with the capital on a number of refugees in such a way that the dispatch would disperse the center to the center with the help of bus transfers.

According to them, there are now vacancies for accommodation refugees in the middle places. In some regions, however, the refugees are particularly striking and their differences must be made from a central level, said the governor.

Perozdlovn will not lead to him, hard Governor of Pilsen

Prague is trying to help the Pilsen region, which has received from them several sections of Ukrainian Roma refugees, and the metropolis will now meet their sweats. Because of that, too tbor statutes in Troy.

Hib dal vld as do ter. Help the refugees, or I’ll close their center

According to the Czech governor Rudolf, the meeting will not be able to lead him hard, because if they want to be somewhere, they will return there. The government should help, but divided into regions not according to the local situation, said the meeting. However, the functional system does not attack it.

According to Zlín’s governor Radim Holie, a fugitive refugee would lose weight in the region as soon as they arrive. It is too late to distribute the settled refugees who have formed a custody in the given city, they have also employed a cola, he said. He added that it is the responsibility of the Minister of the Interior to make the system work.

In the South Bohemian region, the capacity will soon be filled

The Moravian-Silesian Governor Ivo Vondrk considers the refugee refugee to be a big problem, especially if it is not known how the capacities in the individual regions are used. He reiterated that it is difficult to force someone to move to another city.

I claim that the only way to distribution will be that these people will go where it is better and more convenient for them and where the services they need will be available. This is the only mechanism that works for me, the governor said, adding that one problem is at stake.

The governor of Liberec, Martin Pta, considers the mayor of Prague not to be a threat, but to despair of Prague for help. If the National Assistance Center of Ukraine and the Ministry of the Interior evaluate that Prague is full, it really will not make sense to put people there. It is necessary to accommodate refugees in those regions that are below average, he said.

According to him, the number of refugees accommodated above the national average is also the first in the Liberec Region. We have also created free capacity for the Roma, he added.

From one city to another, refugees have to move to the South Bohemian Region, where the capacity of accommodation is close to full. Governor Martin Kuba also drained this by the fact that many guesthouses and hotels want to offer tourists. In addition, most of the infant Ukrainians still do not know whether they are going home or want to settle here, Cuba said.

Deputy South Moravian Governor Luk Dubec considers a female refugee refugee necessary and is in favor of central coordination by the state. In the south of Moravia, according to Alena Knotkov, there are thousands of free students for refugees. According to President Holie Zlnsk region, about 2,600 free towns. According to Nikola Birklenov, the Moravian-Silesian Region has about 1,300 Ukrainians.

steck region Ukrainians accept me, but romsk does not want

Dal refugees are able to accommodate the Steck region, according to President Jan Schiller, but only those who are willing and able to participate in the system of education, work and the like.

It will not be delayed, and 30 percent will work, Rakuan said to the refugees

We definitely do not accept Ukrainian Roma, we do not have the personal capacity for that. The region has the most excluded localities in the country and this would cause great social and security problems, said the governor. Ukrainian Roma, who drank wolves after the arrest, were at the center of the region 119, of which 69 dt.

The Hradec Králové region, which, according to President Martin ervek, now accommodates more than 15,000 refugees, which is above average among the Czech regions.

Since the arrest of the refugee crisis, we have been involved in the refugee refugees originally registered in Prague, in response to the requests we receive. We also agree with their location on the ground of the Hradec Králové region, said the governor. The Pardubice region is also able to accommodate refugees, but it must not be social tourism, Governor Martin Netolick said on Czech television on Thursday.

The Olomouc Region also offers free capacity for refugees, where, according to President Josef Suchnek, there are no problems with their large tide yet. According to him, the information system should be implemented in the near future, thanks to which many will have an overview of capacity and demand from refugees in individual regions.

The Olomouc region will offer free capacity to other regions, especially Prague and the Central Bohemian region, said Suchnek. However, he warned that the refugee would be willing to change his place of residence.